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Three steps to help you find work you’ll enjoy

Research shows that people who use their strengths at work, are six times more likely to be happier on the job and are less likely to experience anxiety.

The challenge many people face is knowing what their strengths are. When things come naturally to us, we tend to think they come easily for everyone.  The reality is, it’s far more likely that we are using our strengths.

So how can you work out what your strengths are? 

Follow this 3-step process to identify your strengths and you will be on your way to finding work that you enjoy.

1.  What are you proud of?

Our greatest successes are usually the product of our strengths, so take some time to think about the things that you are most proud of throughout your career.

Maybe it’s the way you have built strong relationships with people, despite a highly political work environment.

It could be delivering a project that was off-track until you took over.

Or it might be developing a team member and watching their career blossom.

Whatever it is, be specific when you are describing it and then think about what skills, knowledge or traits enabled you to achieve this.  Chances are, the majority of these are a direct result of you using your strengths.

2.  What energises you?

This might seem like an odd question….  But when we are using our strengths, we feel more engaged, energetic, motivated and enthusiastic.

Think back over your career and identify situations or tasks that you could not wait to get to. 

What did you look forward to doing? 

Were there things you did, where you just lost track of time? 

And what were you going to be doing on those days when you bounded out of bed to get to work?

3.  Get trusted input

Sometimes we need our eyes opened to our strengths, so ask 3 trusted people to name your top 5 strengths. 

Bringing it together

Now you should have a list of your strengths; try narrowing them down to the top 5.

I always suggest to people, if you aren’t using your strengths at work today, is there a way you can leverage them more, to increase your job satisfaction?

If the answer is no, it’s time to start brainstorming jobs where your strengths will not only be useful, but valued.

Need some help?  Why not book a free career coaching chemistry session.