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Lessons I Learned From Making a Career Change – ‘It’s About More Than Passion’

In today’s World of high achievement and living your dream, we are constantly bombarded with images and stories of people who are ‘living out their passion’.  Apparently, all we need to do is realise our passion and follow it; happiness, fulfillment and a sense of purpose will follow.

Now I’m not saying that doesn’t happen for some people, but for the vast majority, myself included, that’s not how it plays out.  Instead I grappled with the question of ‘what am I passionate about?’.  And not being thunderstruck with an immediate answer, lead to some feelings of uncertainty and even inadequacy.  How could I not know the answer to this fundamental question?!  If I couldn’t define what I was passionate about, how was I going to follow my passion and live my dream career?

What I know now, is that knowing what you’re passionate about isn’t central to discovering and defining a new career path.  What is important, is starting to build up your knowledge of yourself, so that you can create a picture of; ‘what’s important to me?’, ‘what motivates me?’, ‘what gives me a sense of fulfilment?’ and ‘what is my definition of success?’.

By becoming a ‘self-expert’, I had access to rich, detailed knowledge that went far beyond what I was passionate about.  This knowledge served as the criteria that supported me in defining a new career path that would be fulfilling, motivating and rewarding for me both now, and into the future.  And of course, being armed with this awareness has made the path to change easier to navigate.

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