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How to Overcome the Fear Factor

Fear is frequently at the heart of dissatisfaction, unhappiness and a feeling of being stuck.

Maybe you want a promotion, to change industry, or event a total career change, yet find yourself frozen in place by fear….

This simple fear mapping technique can have you overcoming those fears and taking the steps towards your desired future in no time!

Work through this process step-by-step. It can help to divide your page into five columns, so that you can work through each step in turn:

1.  List out all of the fears that are stopping you from taking action.  Don’t hold back here; really dig deep to shine a light on all of those fears that are playing on your mind.

2. Now rate the likelihood of each fear actually happening. In this step, I want you to step outside of yourself to gain some perspective. Sure, your fear-frazzled brain is telling you that the worst case scenario is definitely going to happen, but if you looked at each fear realistically (even from someone else’s perspective), how likely is it really?  Rate each fear as either:
1 = Unlikely
2 = A Possibility
3 = Likely

3.  For those that are listed as a 2 or 3, I want you to now consider what it would really mean if this fear did eventuate.  What would happen?  What would the impact be?  Again, I want you to try to step outside of yourself and your ‘sky will fall in’ mentality, and question what would actually happen if this became reality.

4.  For those that you believe would have a genuinely negative impact, what steps can you take to prevent this from occurring?  What strategies can you put in place to reduce the likelihood?  In this step, think about what is in your control, that will enable you to reduce or eliminate the fear becoming reality.

5.  Identify some alternative possibilities.  Remember that our fears are usually our worst case scenario.  But the reality is, there are plenty of likely successes and positive outcomes from taking steps forward, that we choose to ignore.

To help you move forward, make sure that you are giving more focus and attention to your alternative, positive outcomes.  And if you have identified some actions that you can take to reduce or eliminate the possibility that your fears will become a reality, then make sure you have put in action plan in place to take the necessary steps.