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What should I do with my life?Part 2

In my first article in this series I talked about the importance of knowing your purpose in order to define and live the life that you want.  This becomes even more powerful when your purpose and values are aligned.

Many people aren’t aware of their values, but I can guarantee they are there, just under the surface sending you subtle messages.  Maybe you have a general feeling that you aren’t in the right career; maybe your job doesn’t hold any meaning for you; or you simply feel unfulfilled.

When our values aren’t aligned with the life we are living, we can feel a disconnect, or a conflict with one or more areas of our lives.  It is often hard to put your finger on what the problem is, let alone work out what action you can take to turn things around.

Conversely, when we identify our values and start to live a life that’s aligned with them, we experience a greater sense of ease, satisfaction and fulfilment.

To work out your values, spend some time thinking about the things that matter most to you; that make you happy; that provide meaning to your life.  Then make a list and gradually narrow it down to your top 5 values.

But working out what to do with your life is not just about working out your values.  The real power comes when you start to live by them – when your values and life are truly aligned.  So reflect upon where your values are being expressed at work, at home, in relationships.  Then think about where they aren’t being expressed – what impact is this having on you?  And how can you find ways to express your values in these areas of your life?

As you gradually start to align your purpose and your values with the life that you are living, the answer to ‘what should I do with my life?’ starts to become clearer.