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Ten Ways Career Coaching Can Help You

Just like having a sports coach or a trainer in the gym improves your chances of success, having a Career Coach on your side means that you will be better equipped to define and achieve your career goals, whatever they may be.  Here are ten ways that Career Coaching can help you:

Working out what you really want to be doing
Feel like you are just going through the motions every day?  Wish you jumped out of bed in the morning to go to work, but just aren’t feeling it?  Career Coaching can help you to get clarity on what it is that you will love doing, and set your career goals.

Making a career change
There’s a big difference between knowing you want to make a career change, and actually making it happen.  No matter how experienced you are, this can feel like a huge step, often leaving you feeling stuck, unsure how to move forward.  Through Career Coaching you can work out your new career and map out a clear direction to get you there efficiently and effectively.

Returning to work after maternity leave
Whether you are going back to your previous workplace, or want to take the opportunity to make a change, returning to work after maternity leave is a big transition that can leave many women feeling confused, under-valued and overwhelmed.  By getting clarity on what you want, both in the short and longer term, Career Coaching helps you to develop a clear plan and small action steps to help you return to work on your terms.

Readying yourself for a promotion
Whatever stage of your career, if you are wanting to take a step up, Career Coaching can be a great way to position you for that promotion.  By identifying the development areas that you need to focus on, and providing you with the tools, techniques and skills you need, Career Coaching can fast track you towards that next role.

Overcome barriers in your current job
Often when we struggle with our role, our boss or our organisation, we think the only solution is to leave.  However, with Career Coaching, you can develop new techniques and skills that will help you not only survive in your current job, but thrive.  You’d be surprised how many people fall back in love with their job after Career Coaching.

Creating a career plan
If you ‘fell into’ your career, or just tend to go with the flow, you might feel like it’s time to take charge of your career and to set the agenda, rather than the agenda setting you.  If that’s the case, Career Coaching can help you map out your long-term career aspirations, as well as your mid and short-term goals.

Developing leadership skills
When we move from non-people management roles to leadership roles, there is rarely any formal on-the-job training to support us in this transition.  Yet, leadership skills are more important than technical skills when we start to reach senior levels in our organisation.  Career Coaching can help you develop your leadership style and competencies, to ensure your success at this new level.

Building confidence
Lack of confidence is something most people struggle with in their career at one time or another.  When our confidence is low, it can impact our performance, our enjoyment of the job, and even our promotion opportunities.  Learning how to boost and maintain your confidence, is something that Career Coaching can equip you with.

Securing a new job
The job market today is increasingly crowded and competitive, so more than ever it’s essential to stand out.  Whether you want to super-charge your CV, work out how to self-promote, nail an interview, or even create a strong online profile, Career Coaching can help you.

Learning more about you
Self-awareness is the key to career and success. If we understand our strengths, skills, motivators and what ‘makes us tick’, we can perform more effectively on the job.  It also means that we can make better and easier decisions when it comes to planning our career.

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