How can I help you achieve more in your business through coaching, mentoring, consulting or training? Well, below are some frequently asked questions that should give you some insight into how working with me will help you achieve your business goals. If you’d like to discuss this in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How do your business coaching programs work?

My executive coaching programs are a partnership with the sponsor organisation, the coachee and myself.  The structure that my programs follow is as follows:

  1. Setting goals; I work with your business and the individual being coached, to define the goals that will meet the business objectives and the individual’s needs
  2. Creating the strategy; the proposed coaching plan, timeline and schedule is agreed by all stakeholders
  3. Taking action; throughout the coaching program we will be implementing the action plan, monitoring results, identifying opportunities for improvement and embedding changes. This phase also includes regular review meetings between the key stakeholders and the coachee to review and feedback on progress.
  4. Evaluation; the outcomes are evaluated with the stakeholders against the goals set in phase 1. Further development opportunities are also identified.
  5. Maintenance; plans are put into place to ensure new behaviours and learning are embedded.
What are your coaching areas of expertise?

My executive coaching expertise is in performance enhancement, leadership development, building resilience, communication skills, conflict resolution, executive presence and career transition. I also work with executives to help them identify and connect with their strengths, to have greater clarity of purpose and goals and to increase their own self awareness and understanding in order to deliver success at work.

How do you measure and evaluate the success of coaching programs?

My programs are specifically tailored, and include a number of steps to ensure that the coaching program delivers on the business goals:

  1. Goals – I agree clearly defined goals up front with the business sponsor and the coahcee, as well as the measurement of success. When working with businesses, there are a number of different success measures that can be applied, depending on the business goal:
    • Learning – the competency the coachee is expected to acquire as a direct result of the program
    • Behaviour change – whether the coachee’s behaviour has changed in line with the business goals as a result of the program
    • Business results – measuring the coachees impact on either quantifiable or qualifiable business results as a result of the coaching program.
  2. Aligned actions – the program is aligned with the overall goal to ensure that the actions taken throughout the coaching engagement by the coachee, are impacting on the business goal.
  3. Evaluation – at the end of the coaching program, the impact is quantified against the orginal measure of success.
What is your mentoring process?

As a mentor, I provide guidance and direction to your executives in a way they can appreciate based on my personal experience and professional training, whilst also acting as trusted sounding board and confidant.  My mentoring process is as follows:

  1. Setting goals; I agree specific goals and aspirations with the mentee and the business sponsor
  2. Implementation; Regular one-on-one meetings with the mentee, with a focus on moving towards the agreed goals and aspirations
  3. Review; stakeholder evaluation of the mentee’s progress against goals
What benefits can coaching and mentoring deliver for my business?

By investing in your people, you not only create a high performing business culture, you significantly add to your bottom line.  The benefits for businesses that provide executive coaching and mentoring to their senior executives are far reaching; some common benefits include:

  • Enhanced individual and business performance
  • Retention of high potential and top performing staff
  • Improved employee morale; more committed and motivated staff
What do your leadership training programs consist of?

My leadership training programs are customised to meet your individual business needs.  Whether it’s a program for one, or for an entire management team, I can tailor a program that will deliver on your business needs.  The process I undertake can include:

  • Needs analysis – what are the needs of the individual or team and their alignment with the business
  • Program scope – define and agree the leadership program (including success metrics) with the business sponsor
  • Program delivery – training and workshops delivered to participants
  • Follow up coaching –one-on-one coaching sessions with participants to ensure transfer of learning into the work environment
What other kinds of training programs do you deliver?

I can develop and deliver training programs on the following topics:

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Coaching skills
  • Digital commerce

In addition, I can support your business to embed learning following any training programs that you implement.  Through a brief coaching program that immediately follows training, I am able to deliver a transfer of learning from the workshop into the work environment.  This is a step often missed by training providers, but is the most efficient and effective way to deliver ROI for your training dollars.

What consultancy services do you provide?

I consult to businesses on the following:

  • Internal coaching programs
  • Business strategy
  • Sales & marketing strategy
  • Digital commerce
What locations do you work in?

I am based in Sydney, but work with clients throughout Australia.  I also deliver coaching programs via Skype and telephone for organisations that have employees based in regional areas, interstate and even other countries.


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