The world today is filled with constant activity, distractions and movement. Taking some time out to relax has never been more important for both your physical and psychological well-being. And the great news is that by recharging, you will actually be more productive and acheive more when you are on the go. Here are some useful articles on relaxation.

  • Headspace: meditation made simple

    Headspace is mindfulness & meditation made simple. The site is a great resource for learning more about meditation, how it can help & how to get started with just ten minutes a day.
  • The art of stillness

    In this talk you will hear strategies on how to take back a few minutes out of every day in our world of constant movement & distraction. It’s the talk for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the demands of our world.
  • Meditation audio

    These recorded meditations from meditation teacher Georgina Whitfield, are great for anyone who is interested in learning to meditate for the first time, or to establish a more consistent, stable meditation practice.
  • In praise of slowness

    Journalist Carl Honore believes the Western world's emphasis on speed erodes health, productivity and quality of life. Hear about the backlash brewing, as everyday people start putting the brakes on their all-too-modern lives.
  • How to make work-life balance work

    Work-life balance, says Nigel Marsh, is too important to be left in the hands of your employer. Marsh lays out an ideal day balanced between family time, personal time and productivity — and offers some stirring encouragement to make it happen.
  • 7 ways meditation can actually change the brain

    Neuroscientists have now proven that meditation really does produce measurable changes in the brain, with studies reporting that it helps to relieve anxiety & depression, and improve attention, concentration, and overall psychological well-being.